7 Blogs Every Songwriter Needs In Their Life


Are you looking for some resources to help you up your songwriting game?There is so much advice online for musicians that it can sometimes be overwhelming to decide which ones to pay attention to.

Here are some of the blogs we love reading:

1) Shelly Peiken’s Blog – Shelly Peiken is the songwriting genius behind songs like Christina Aguilera’s “What A Girl Wants” and Meredith Brooks’ ”Bitch”. Her blog is a fantastic resource if you’re looking for an inside look and honest perspective on the day-to-day of a working songwriter.

2) Soundfly’s Flypaper Blog – Soundfly is an online musical education platform dedicated to helping you along your musical journey. Their blog, Flypaper, offers dozens of articles with tips to help you succeed in your music career.

3) Songtrust – If you’re looking for a songwriting blog with a greater focus on the business side of things, look no further than Songtrust’s blog. Their blog features tons of helpful information about music publishing, royalties, and your rights as a songwriter.

4) Hookist’s Road Stories Blog – Hookist is an awesome platform that allows you to co-write a song with your favorite songwriters and artists. They also have an awesome blog that is penned by professionals across many corners of the music industry who offer awesome advice ranging from nailing your vocal technique to crowdfunding your next project.

5) The Lyric Writer’s Workroom – If you are a lyricist, Nicholas Stozier’s blog, The Lyric Writer’s Workroom, is a great place to find tips, prompts, and exercises to help flex your lyric writing muscles.

6) Songwriting Pro – Run by veteran songwriter Brent Baxter, this blog is the real deal, offering concrete advice about how to approach your songwriting career and make the leap from amateur to pro.

7) SongFancy – SongFancy is a blog run by Nashville-based songwriter Sarah Spencer. She is a genius at fostering community, with her 5 in 5 Song Challenge and accompanying Facebook group that challenges songwriters to write 5 songs in 5 days!

Amber Ward